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Thank you for expressing an interest in my website.

 If you would like to ask any questions or make any comments, this page is designed just for that purpose.

I need to reiterate that I do not have any medical training and will not give out any medical advice. I will be able to share further information about our family’s journey and I would greatly appreciate hearing how you are doing in your walk.

All communications about us will remain private unless you give permission otherwise. In other words, our emails will be private. If you wish to submit a concern to me for prayer, I will have a small group of close friends who will be praying for you also (this is why I ask for first names only, if you submit a prayer request).

This site is all about communication to help all those living with any rare disorder. There is a wonderful YouTube venue I would encourage you to visit if you have not already done so. The presenter’s name is Chris, and he interviews special needs individuals in their homes and in doing so, introduces all of us to some very special people for which we would never be able to know.

The link is: Special Books by Special Kids

Communication is the name of the game. Whether you wish to contact me or not, it is okay. Please talk about your struggles and joys with someone and ask questions. Do not hold back from asking any question. Your loved one would want you to if they had the communication skills to do so.

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